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My experience in life and yoga is a path that never ends.

Om namah shivaya.

Yoga is a personal path that is individual like everyone else. Traveling to different people and cultures is part of my lifestyle. Trying to perceive and act consciously every moment.


Yoga doesn't just take place on the mat. Yoga means searching for the truth. According to the inner truth. Yoga is the silence of the mind. Yoga citta vritti nirodah.

Self-love is the key to happiness!

1985 birth of my first daughter Sandra

1988 birth of my second daughter Ornella

1990 birth of my son Carlo

since 2006 grandchildren Mike, Joline, Lavinia, Nick and Mauro


2004 Reiki 1st degree with initiation

2004 aromatherapy training with essential oils

2010 trip to India and Goa in Satsang Retreat with Franz Seraphin Möesl

2011 Morocco yoga teacher workshop Integralyoga with Zarah Butaleb 

2012/13 Kundalini Yoga Workshops with Swami Prem Paras

2013 Sri Lanka trip (2 weeks)  Hatha yoga

2014 yoga teacher training (1 year) according to Dhirananda Kaleidoskop Bern

2014 Pranayama workshop with Reinhard Gammenthaler Bern

2015 Yoga teacher training (1 year) Hatha Yoga Kaleidoskop Bern

2015 Greece workshop (1 week) Vinyasa Flow with Bruno Dietziker Pure Yoga Zurich

2016 Yoga teacher training (1 year) Vinyasa Flow Kaleidoskop Bern

2016 study trip South India (2 weeks) Indian mythology with Ela Thole

2016 Quantum Healing Seminar (Belara Wagner)

2017 Study of Vipassana Meditation at Wat Prayong in Thailand (Wat Prayong temple near Bangkok)

2017 Yoga workshops at Yoga Hua Hin in Thailand

2017 Kundalini Yoga seminar with Reinhard Gammenthaler in Kho Pangan in Thailand

2018 Kundalini Yoga seminar with Claudio Massimo Setti (Methodo Setti)

2018 3 weeks Ikaros (healing chants) and healing training with the shaman and Gurandero (healer) Joven Murayari in the Amazon of Peru South America.

2018 Training as a Master in Self-Healing Technique Coach in:

- breathing and intuition

- Addiction resolution weaning

- See, read and feel aura

- Soul whispers

- Dissolve trauma, blockages and allergies.

- Spiritual healing

- Purification of the chakras and meridians

- Change and manifest beliefs

- Ho'oponopono

2018 One way ticket to my soul Travel to Thailand. Bali, Vietnam with meditation, yoga and healing work

2018 YogaTeacher 200 h in English at the Adinath Ashram in Thailand Chian Rai.

2020 healing yoga training at Mahashakti 

2021 Training in shamanic trance dance

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